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Convert your regular blog into a better structured one where your visitors can easily find what they are looking for by navigating more deep into the content. With the help of WPCashLink plugin you can now create unlimited contextual links inside your blog content either pointing to deeper in your blog or to money making affiliate links. This ensures your visitors just don't read that single page of content rather they browse through your site for more content linked with the information they are searching for or visit the affiliate links you provide them that may suit their needs.

This unique feature will allow your blog to rank much higher because search engines will find your blog more useful for the visitors and as they navigate through your blog pages, the bounce rate will reduce to a minimum amount. Search engines find this type of linking structure very much helpful for the visitors and they always tend to rank these sites higher. Think about sites like WikiPedia and that are pretty high in authority among thousands of sites in the internet. Would you like to create a similar effect with minimum effort? We think the answer is always YES! WPCashLinks offers you this power and in short, WPCashLinks reduces bounce rates, increases click-through rates while improves rankings.

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Contextual links are very important these days and they are the most powerful links to be exact. You can easily link to your favorite sites from your content using this simple and easy plugin. This plugin makes it easy to manage these interlinking so you don’t have to edit every post or page on your site.

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